Dates: October 23-27, 2020        Venue: Kuala Lumpur


Call for Abstracts & Registration Open Jan 1, 2020

Abstracts Submission Deadline May 1, 2020 

Notification of Abstracts Status May 15, 2020 (participants start arranging travel)

Early-Bird Registration Deadline June 1, 2020 (contact us if you need more time)

Conference Technical Program Oct 23 - 26, 2020

Conference guided social visits / excursions Oct 27, 2020

AIM of the Conference

After decades of intense research on quantum information science worldwide physicists have successfully harnessed the peculiar properties of quantum world for quantum technology with the help of photonic technology, laser manipulations, nonlinear optical materials and metastructures. Quantum nonlinear optics, the marriage of quantum physics and intense light fields, enables the coexistence of quantum effects in strong fields, has opened up exciting new possibilities, such as miniaturizing quantum technology in integrated optical chips. This conference is intended to bring together leading experts, researchers and students in the fields to share their knowledge and innovations, discuss ideas and problems, leading to the advancement of quantum and nonlinear optical science and technology.

Scope and Topics

1. Quantum Optics

2. Quantum information, communication & computation

3. Quantum coherence, entanglement & correlation

4. Quantum optomechanics

5. Quantum nanophotonics

6. Quantum metamaterials

7. Quantum plasmonics

8. Quantum photonics

9. Quantum coherent matter & ultracold quantum gases

10. Cavity quantum electrodynamics

11. Nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy

12. Nonlinear optics: effects and processes

13. Nonlinear optical materials and devices

14. Nonlinear quantum electrodynamics

15. Nanophotonics, nanomaterials and nanotechnology

16. Fundamentals of laser-matter interactions

17. Intense and ultrafast laser science & technology

18. Optical fibers, sensors and metrology

19. Optical materials

20. Quantum information technology

21. Quantum sensing

22. Quantum metrology

23. Quantum biology

24. Quantum medicine


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